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Logistics industry has seen a heavy shift into its operations after entrance of digital technologies. Digital technologies has enhanced visibility of logistics operations, which has penetrated across the entire supply chain. From tracking delivery status via mobile devices, to undertaking transactions and executions via online applications and workflows, the industry has been able to leverage and create better and more personalized user experiences.
Digitization has also renewed automation in the maintenance and testing of legacy applications, thus reducing costs and increasing availability.


Renewed Automation

Maintenance and testing of legacy applications has been improved a lot by means of automation process with help of digital technology hence reducing cost and availability of applications.Fortune4 helps in modernizing these applications to next generation platforms, which has taken place for the freight industry.

Large and complex programs

Fortune4 helps in package implementation and infrastructure modernization. We provide significant value through innovations, we deliver solutions in emerging areas such as asset enhancement and mobility improving visibility and reducing costs.

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